Contract Production

A high production standard and modern machinery make it possible for us to provide, just like highly motivated personnel with years of experience in the construction of special purpose machines, the highest quality in an absolutely process-safe manner.

Milled pieces Turned parts Welded parts

Our machinery is of course available to you also for subcontracted production, including among others the following machines:

  • CNC milling machine Maho 800, coordinates x 800, y 500, z 500
  • CNC lathe, cycle-operated, 1500 x d=300
  • CNC boring machine with controlled circular table, x 1750, y 1250, z 1250

We have specialised in individual parts and small lots.

Chipping removal:

  • Milling
  • Lathing
  • Boring
  • Cutting to size


  • Welding of all kinds
  • Piece weights up to 5 tons
  • Tested Mac welding equipment